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Internet of Things

Exchange data with your boat when you are not there

Internet of Things



Use OpenPlotter or similar to add all kinds of sensors to your boat and get data in Signal K format



Send Signal K data using the OpenPlotter IoT app to the OpenMarine MQTT broker



Optionally connect the OpenMarine MQTT broker to the OpenMarine Cloud Storage



Explore data using MQTT apps, Telegram, Influxdb, Grafana and ThingsBoard tools

Exchange data with your boat from anywhere

MQTT Broker

Using an MQTT client like OpenPlotter IoT app you can exchange data between your boat and other devices running other MQTT clients. You can find MQTT clients for Windows, Linux, Mac, OS and Android. All of them include tools to display and send data.


An MQTT broker is a server in charge of managing the traffic between MQTT clients. OpenPlotter IoT app also includes an MQTT broker to manage MQTT clients connected to its local network but if you want to connect to your boat from anywhere you will need a remote MQTT broker.


OpenMarine MQTT Broker is a 24/7 server available in 2 versions, public and free or private and paid.

Public (beta)
0  / week

Signal K delta

Signal K key

Public topics

Message size limit 800B

1 day persistence



X  / week

Signal K delta

Signal K key

Private topics

Message size limit 150KB

1 week persistence

ThingsBoard gateway


Save data in the cloud to build charts and graphs

Cloud Storage

This feature is still under construction.

Add your boat to your Telegram groups

Telegram Bot

This feature is still under construction.