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newbie: can't connect via VNC
I have just set up openPlotter v 0.17 and all seems to work fine with an HDMI monitor and usb keyboard.

I also have an RCA Gallileo Pro tablet on which I have a couple of VNC viewers installed. These both work when I use them to connect to my windows laptop.

However, when I try to connect to RPI I get an error along the lines of "computer domain name could not be resolved"

I am using the IP address as shown in my wifi status. I am connected to an external wifi router. I have good internet access from the RPI, and I can also connect to it using Filezilla from my laptop, using the same IP address. I have enabled the 'accept connections' in the openPlotter tab.

But I cannot get through on the VNC, nor on an RDP client. The clients do not seem to have an option for changing the port. If i go to the x11vnc app, the port is set as 5900 (I also tried 5901). It is set to accept connections.

So what else do I try?

Ok, just installed bVNC on my tablet. Now I CAN connect, so I guess just the clients I had didn't work here. But how do I set the resolution of the screen so that it fits on my tablet screen? IS it possible to have one size resolution on my HDMI monitor and a different size on the VNC connected tablet?


Another update: I have installed NoMachine as the RDP server and client, and this is working well - seems to be quite fast, and also allows the screen to be resized. I did also go into the config to set the screen size to match my tablet, which has a non-standard screen size of 1024 x 600

So, at the moment all seems good.   Smile

Next step is to take it to my boat in 10 days and see if I can get everything hooked up. Will be using the tablet as my headless monitor, with the RPI running openPlotter, and also Kodi installed to watch movies on my new little pico projector via an HDMI cable. The RPI will be plugged in by USB to the ShipModul mulitplexer, and by ethernet cable to my on board router.

fingers crossed... 


Hi Noel,
This is quite old now but are you still using NoMachine? I am new to OP and I'm having a hard time with VNC. Thought I'd try NoMachine.
thanks. tom

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